Would you like to know how to maintain you natural lashes healthy in the process?

Who is Demodex?

Hello, my name is demodex folliculorum and I live in the pores of the skin of your face that's why it's important to wash your face and remove makeup!!The only way you can see me is with a microscope. I measure between 0,3 and 0,4 mm, and like spiders, I have 8 legs.I like living in hair follicles that have your nose, cheek and eyelashes. These are places where there's more fat to feed me.I feed on your secretions and your dead skin. I can put up to 25 eggs in every hair follicle.My digestive system is not able to eliminate my waste, so i accumulation them in my body until I explode and die. My remains cause hypersensitivity reactions.According to some studies, in some people, I can cause infections on eyelids and rosacea.

What is Blepharitis?

Dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and oil will build up in your lash line very quickly! All this build up will eat away at your lash extension's bond, breaking it down over time. Blepharitis usually is associated with an overgrowth of bacteria that live along the margins of the eyelids and at the base of the eyelashes. Eyelid hygiene is very helpful to treat and control blepharitis.

What should I use to clean my extensions?

Our Lash shampoo formula is designed to clean your extensions without spending long periods of time rinsing, remember keeping the extensions dry will extend the retention time but dry doesn't mean dirty. The brush will penetrate between extensions and natural lash roots removing any residue. Cleaning the extensions while showering will not give you the same results.

Do my natural lashes grow back?

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, if the eyelashes get singed but the hair follicles are still intact, the lashes will usually grow back in 6 weeks. However, if the hair follicles were also damaged, the eyelashes might not grow back. The use of a Lash Serum will help minimize risk of damaging the natural lashes.

Should I use a Lash growth serum?

Using a Lash Growth Serum while wearing extensions should be the #1 recommendation from every Lash Artist to her clients. Having strong and healthy natural lashes will extend the retention time. Refills will be needed every 3 or 4 weeks instead of 2. Taking a break from lash extension applications and finding out that your natural lashes are damaged can be an unpleasant experience. Not all Lash serums can be used while wearing extensions. Having a large amount of natural lashes will allow your Lash Artist to apply more extensions getting as a result a fuller look.

Our serum will increase the fullness

Happy clients

"I love these products!! The cleanser is really gentle and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin in the least, and the brush makes it easy to clean my lashes without disturbing them. The best part about lash extensions is not needing to wear eye makeup, but I still use powder foundation that sometimes shakes off onto my lashes. When that happens, I just put a little cleanser on a mascara spoolie and brush it through my lashes-- easy fix!! I am also super impressed with the lash growth serum. At first I was a little hesitant to put it over my extensions because I didn't want to weaken the glue...but it didn't! I've made it part of my daily routine, and I use it both on my top and bottom lashes. I love the effect it has had on my bottom lashes, and my lash artist even noticed a significant improvement in the strength and fullness of my natural lashes. I've found that since I've started using the serum daily, my extensions look fuller and last longer as a result. Great products!!!! 



This product saved my lashes! My lashes were short, thin and damaged and the growth serum brought them back thicker, longer and healthier. The cleansing foam worked so well to gently clean my lashes. I’ll never use any other products on my lashes!

Michelle L


Love this product! I started using at the beginning of quarantine and the difference is amazing! It is easy to apply and you don’t notice it at all once on. I will continue to use even after going back to extensions.

Danielle H


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Our main goal as a Lash Studio and Lash Brand is to keep our clients natural lashes healthy. This means not reducing the amount of natural lashes and keeping the average length.

This kit is the #1 recommendation to every new client.

Clean your extensions 3 times a week or every night if you wear eye makeup.

Apply serum every night on the Lash roots.

Results vary between 4-6 weeks.

Our Lash growth serum is designed to be used with or without eyelash extensions.

This kit will last from 6-8 months.


Some Adhesives release fumes when they come in contact with water or any liquid.

For this reason and to avoid any discomfort while using our cleanser or applying our serum, we suggest you close your eye and place a tissue underneath the extensions so it absorbs the excess liquid avoiding it from going in the eye.

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